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AMEK EQ Crack Mac & Windows + VST Full Download


AMEK EQ Crack, a stunningly transparent plugin EQ inspired by the vintage sound of SUNTEC EQs and the GML 8200, is based on the original parametric equalizers that started it all. The legendary AMEK brand has recently joined the Plugin Alliance family, and Plugin Alliance and Brainworx are happy to present the first of many new plugins under that name. The EQ 200, the first item sold under the new AMEK name, is based on some of the most prized hardware equalizers ever created.

Plugin Alliance Torrent and Brainworx are proud to present you with the first in a series of new plugins under the popular AMEK brand, which has just joined the Plugin Alliance family. The first product under the new AMEK brand is the EQ 200, which is modeled after some of the most sought-after EQs ever. Drawing on years of experience in analog modeling, Brainworx’s goal with the EQ 200 was to develop a plug-in that captures the DNA and recreates the unique sound of most of the legendary parametric equations of the 1970s and 1980s.

This era was dominated by new paradigm-changing EQ designs from brands like SUNTEC and GML, which introduced groundbreaking new features, including parametric control: the ability to tune the center frequency and per-band bandwidth. While this is a standard feature on EQs today, it was an absolute audio revolution at the time. The exceptional precision, extreme transparency, sheer height, and surgical precision of classic EQ balancers from the 1970s and 1980s served as inspiration for many later balancer designs. And for many senior engineers, these original standard equations are still unparalleled tools, even today.

  • 5 wide overlapping fully-parametric EQ bands
  • Additional High and Low pass filters, and Low and High shelving EQs
  • 15dB or 7dB switchable boost or cut for each band
  • Modeled after the brilliant, precise, and beautiful sound of legendary EQs
  • Includes Brainworx signature plugin-only enhancements
  • Scalable UI to adapt to your screen size and workflow

Understanding Equalization

The Fundamentals of Sound Shaping (H2)

  • Equalization, in its essence, is the manipulation of different frequency bands within an audio signal. This is done to correct or enhance sonic elements, resulting in a more pleasing auditory experience. By boosting or attenuating specific frequencies, an engineer can emphasize certain instruments or voices, reduce unwanted noise, and ensure each component of a mix occupies its rightful sonic space.

The Role of AMEK EQ (H2)

  • Among the multitude of EQ options, AMEK EQ shines with its heritage. Crafted by renowned British audio equipment manufacturer AMEK, this EQ unit is designed to bring out the best in sound recordings. AMEK’s dedication to preserving the warmth and character of analog sound while embracing digital advancements has led to an EQ that transcends eras.

Exploring the Features of AMEK EQ

Vintage Warmth with Modern Precision (H2)

  • AMEK EQ is known for its ability to infuse recordings with a vintage warmth reminiscent of classic analog equipment. This warmth is complemented by precise control over frequency bands, allowing engineers to make nuanced adjustments that enhance the final mix.

Parametric Control for Artistic Expression (H2)

  • One standout feature of AMEK EQ is its parametric equalization capabilities. This empowers engineers to target specific frequencies with surgical precision. Whether it’s sculpting the timbre of an instrument or mitigating resonances, this level of control enables a realm of artistic expression.

AMEK EQ in Practical Applications

Studio Magic: Recording and Mixing (H2)

  • In recording studios worldwide, AMEK EQ is an indispensable tool for capturing pristine audio. Its ability to shape sound at the source enables engineers to address issues before they become problems during the mix. Additionally, during mixing, the AMEK EQ’s versatility shines as it elevates each element within the sonic landscape.

Live Sound Enchantment (H2)

  • Beyond the studio, AMEK EQ finds a home in live sound setups. Whether it’s a rock concert or a corporate event, the EQ’s real-time adjustments ensure that every note and word is delivered with clarity and impact, enhancing the audience’s engagement.

The Future of Sound Engineering

Bridging Tradition and Innovation (H2)

  • AMEK EQ’s success lies in its harmonious integration of tradition and innovation. As technology advances, the audio industry continues to evolve, but the core principles of achieving exceptional sound remain. AMEK EQ’s ability to bridge these realms makes it a timeless tool for sound engineers.

Software Info:

Version : 2.0.1
Developer: Plugin Alliance & Brainworx
Developer site: Plugin-alliance
Format : VST / VST3 / AAX (MODiFiED)
Digit capacity: 32bit, 64bit
Tabletka: present
System requirements: Windows 7 through 10 / Intel-compatible CPU with SSE2 instruction set (Pentium 4 compatible or higher; minimum 2 GHz recommended)


In the intricate world of audio engineering, where every frequency matters, the AMEK EQ stands as a beacon of excellence. With its blend of vintage warmth and modern precision, it offers sound engineers a canvas to shape sonic experiences that resonate with audiences. As technology propels us forward, the AMEK EQ keeps the spirit of exceptional sound alive.


Is the AMEK EQ suitable for beginners?

The AMEK EQ’s intuitive controls make it accessible to both beginners and seasoned professionals.

Can I use the AMEK EQ in my live performances?

Absolutely! The AMEK EQ’s real-time adjustments make it an ideal companion for live sound setups.

Does the AMEK EQ only work with specific genres of music?

No, the AMEK EQ is versatile and can be used across various musical genres.

Is the warmth of analog sound preserved in the digital realm with AMEK EQ?

Yes, AMEK EQ is renowned for its ability to retain the analog warmth while harnessing digital precision.

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