Kush Audio DSP Clariphonic mkI 1.3.0 Crack Mac 2023 Free

Kush Audio DSP Clariphonic mkI Crack Mac Free Download

Kush Audio Clariphonic DSP

Kush Audio Clariphonic DSP Mac mkI 1.3.0:
After 3 years of using the original Clariphonic DSP, I compiled quite a list of improvements I wanted to make. So I made them all, and the result is the Clariphonic DSP mkII, modeled from the ground up by me using all new algorithms and filters.

To my ears, the mkII sounds markedly smoother than the original, and it’s considerably more powerful in use. It has 3 modes: classic Stereo, Dual Mono so I can eq each side differently, or Mid-Side for advanced sweetening.

I overhauled the GUI as well, it’s a little easier on the eye and a lot easier to use. Between the smoother sound, the 3 operational modes, and the enhanced interface, I’m more proud of this design than any I’ve done to date, and that’s coming from the guy who recently dropped the Tweaker.

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WARNING!!!: Before doing anything, make sure you do a backup of your lib

– Replace the original lib at /usr/lib/ with provided lib for your OS

Top Features:

  • Focus Controls: The Clariphonic MKI has two sets of “Focus” controls, one for each channel. These controls adjust the center frequencies that are most effective in adding presence and air to the audio. The “Focus” knobs can be turned to different frequency points to tailor the enhancement to different audio sources.
  • Clarity Controls: The “Clarity” controls for each channel allow you to adjust the intensity of the enhancement. You can dial in the desired amount of detail and brilliance that you want to add to the audio.
  • HF Boost: This control lets you choose between two different levels of high-frequency boost, allowing you to further shape the character of the enhancement.
  • Parallel Mix: The Clariphonic MKI offers a parallel processing feature that lets you blend the processed signal with the original signal. This is useful for achieving a balanced and controlled enhancement.
  • Bypass: Like most audio processors, the Clariphonic MKI includes a bypass switch that allows you to compare the processed sound with the original sound.

The Clariphonic MKI is generally used in mixing and mastering scenarios. It can be employed on a variety of audio sources, including vocals, instruments, and full mixes. It’s worth noting that while the Clariphonic MKI offers a specific type of enhancement, its impact on audio is subjective and should be used judiciously to avoid over-processing and unnatural results.

Please keep in mind that my knowledge is based on information available up until September 2021, and there may have been developments or updates regarding the Clariphonic MKI or Kush Audio’s product lineup since then.

Software Information:

  • Clariphonic DSP
  • Kush Audio – UBK
  • 1.3
  • 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Mac OSx 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13,10.14

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