Ample Guitar M III v3.7.0 VST Crack Mac Full Bundle Download 2024

Ample Guitar M III VST Crack Mac Full Bundle Download

Ample Guitar VST Crack

Ample Sound is known for its quality instruments that capitalize on the powers of physical modeling. They have several free offerings to get your foot in the door, and their acoustic guitar plugin Ample Guitar VST Crack is one of them. The instrument takes factors like strumming style, harmonics, and hammer-ons / pull-offs into account, trumping the native guitar instruments found in any DAW.

Ample Sound (Beijing Ample Sound Technology Co. Ltd), founded by Kane Kang, Shaoduo Xie, and Jie Chen in 2011, is devoted to music technology product development. Ample Guitar L II aims to bring the Acoustic Guitar Martin sound to your studio.

These two plugins are great for your acoustic bass/guitar needs. Both plugins have parameters to sculpt acoustic sound design elements such as fretboard noise and hammer-ons and pull-offs. The Ample Guitar Bundle Free Download also has FX pedals and a “Strummer” section to sequence patterns and customize the physics of the actual strumming. These plugins sound more realistic than any other free bass/guitar plugins and are much better than the stock sounds inside your DAW.

Features of Ample Guitar M III:

Realistic sound and a lot of feeling:

  • One of the best things about Ample Guitar M III is that it can make sounds that sound very much like real guitars. The samples were carefully recorded to catch the subtleties of each note. This makes the virtual instrument sound just like a real guitar. Whether you want clean, overdriven, or warped tones, the Ample Guitar M III sounds great and lets you express yourself in a lot of different ways.

Modes of Performance and Articulation:

  • Ample Guitar M III has different movement and performance modes to make the sound more realistic and make it easier to play. From legato slides and hammer-ons to palm mutes and harmonics, this software gives you a wide range of techniques that you can use in your music without any trouble. With the ability to change the strength and speed of each articulation, you can play a guitar that sounds very natural and lively.

 Large collection of sounds and instruments:

  • Ample Guitar M III has a huge library of sounds and instruments that cover many different types of music and playing styles. Whether you need a clean, jazzy guitar for a chill track or a heavily distorted guitar for a rock anthem, the plugin has a wide range of choices. The library is changed often, so you can always use the most up-to-date sounds and instruments.

The interface that is easy to understand and use:

  • Even though it has a lot of advanced features, Ample Guitar M III has a simple interface that makes it easy for players of all levels to use. The easy-to-understand layout and design make it easy to move between the different controls and settings. This makes making guitar parts a smooth and fun experience. Whether you’re an experienced musician or just starting out, Ample Guitar M III is easy to use and add to your process.

What’s included in Ample Guitar Full Bundle:

  • Ample Guitar M Lite Crack
  • Guitar SJ
  • Ample Guitar Free Download L
  • AS – Guitar Twelve
  • Ample Sound Guitar T
  • Metal Eclipse Plugin
  • Bass Yinyang VST Crack
  • Bass P
  • Ample Sound Bass Acoustic
  • Guitar Semi-Hollow
  • and more

System Requirement:

  • Windows: Windows 7 or +
  • Mac: 10.9 or +
  • 64-bit only (32-bit not supported).
  • VST2, VST3, AU, AAX, and Standalone host.
  • 32 GB Hard Disk
  • Compatible DAW software
  • 4 GB RAM


  • Size:5.83 GB
  • Strum, Finger two Instrument libraries.
  • DFD technology (Direct from Disk)
  • Stereo and Mono Modes.
  • Controllable Resonance Sound.
  • Rich Fingering Sound.
  • Sustain, Hammer On & Pull Off, Legato Slide, Slide in & out, Palm Mute, Pop, Natural Harmonic, 9 articulations, Legato at random length & pitch & poly.


  • CPC (Customized Parameters Control) – any controller can be controlled by MIDI CC or Automation.
  • Double Guitar.
  • Poly Legato and Slide Smoother.
  • Alternate Tuner.
  • Multiple Capo Logics – providing various options of automatic fingering logic to cover different performances such as solo, chorus, and so on.


  • String Roll Editor: can clearly show fingering, articulation, expression, and even playing noise. Every note has 8 attributes – pitch, velocity, length, off velocity, articulation, legato, vibrato, and bend, with which you can make a delicate lick.
  • Dice – Random Riff Generator: A click will create a new inspiration because it is not simply a random algorithm. Rather, it summarizes the rules by analyzing a bunch of music scores.
  • Multiple Formats Conversion: The conversion between Riff, MIDI, and Tab multiple formats, Every fingering, articulation, expression, and humanization will be automatically converted to MIDI key switch and controller.


Q: Can I use Ample Guitar M III with different DAWs?

Yes, Ample Guitar M III is compatible with a wide range of digital audio workstations, including Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, and more.

Q: Can I customize the guitar tones in Ample Guitar M III?

Absolutely! Ample Guitar M III provides various options for tone customization, allowing you to shape the sound to suit your preferences.

Q: Does Ample Guitar M III support MIDI controllers?

Yes, you can use MIDI controllers to perform and control Ample Guitar M III, adding an extra level of realism to your guitar parts.

Q: Are there any additional expansion packs available for Ample Guitar M III?

Yes, Ample Sound offers expansion packs that provide even more guitar sounds and playing styles to expand your creative possibilities.

Q: Can I use Ample Guitar M III for live performances?

While primarily designed for studio use, Ample Guitar M III can be utilized in live performances by routing it through a laptop or a MIDI controller.


Ample Guitar M III is a powerful virtual guitar instrument that brings the world of realistic guitar sounds and performances to your fingertips. With its advanced features, extensive library, and intuitive interface, it provides musicians, producers, and composers with a versatile and professional tool for creating exceptional music. Whether you’re a seasoned guitarist or a beginner in the world of music production, Ample Guitar M III offers an immersive and authentic guitar experience.

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