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kv331 SynthMaster Crack (Mac) + Full Torrent Free Download

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543 aligncenter” src=”https://plugcracked.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/kv331-SynthMaster-One-300×197.jpg” alt=”kv331 SynthMaster One” width=”300″ height=”197″ />

A condensed version of SynthMaster with limited editing options is kv331 SynthMaster Crack. It is intended for those that choose using presets over creating their own sounds. 1700 factory settings are included with the premium version. Users can change the 12 simple settings or the bypass states of the layer/global effects that the sound designer gave to each preset. When looking for pre-made sounds, musicians should use SynthMaster Player.

KV331 SynthMaster VST Crack is an easy-to-use wavelength synth with an easy-to-use workflow. Although it shares the same engine as its older brother Synthmaster, it comes with new features such as waveform synthesis. With its simple design, rich wave/wave content, and factory-inspired library, creating new sounds with SynthMaster One is a real treat. Watch our videos, listen to audio shows, and see how easy it is to craft sounds with this boat.

KV331 SynthMaster VST Crack with Torrent Full Version [2023]:

KV331 SynthMaster VST Torrent is a simplified version of SynthMaster with limited editing capabilities. It is aimed at users who prefer to use presets rather than design their own sounds. This free version comes with 500 factory presets. Users can edit 12 easy parameters or skip the general effect/layer states assigned to each preset by Voice Designer. It comes with multi-algorithm oscillators and a massive structure with more than 650 mods and 95 mods. Eleven effects with flexible routing, analog-style filters, lag-free notes, and a powerful Arpeggiator are also included. SynthMaster One uses waveform tuning and a wide range of eleven effects to unlock new sound design capabilities.

Key Features:

  • oscillators

Stereo oscillators with Unison/Voice Stacking: SynthMaster’s oscillators have a stereo output. Using the parameters “Sounds”, “Sounds Mix”, “Curve Removal”, “No Spreading”, “Mass Spreading”, “Tone Spreading” and “Phase Spread” each basic oscillator/oscillator can generate a type Rich from “super saw” looks.

  • basic oscillators

SynthMaster’s basic oscillators are able to aggregate many different types of waveforms: Sine, Square, Triangle, Sawtooth, Pulse, Noise, single-cycle waveforms, and multi-sampled WAV/AIFFs defined in SFZ files. Each oscillator comes with 17 different algorithms in the following categories: Spectral (LP, HP, LS, HS, BP, BS), Bend (Bend +, Bend-, Bend +/-), Sync (Rect Window, Half Cos Window, Cos Window, triple window, saw window), pulse (pulse 1, pulse 2) and quantitative measurement.

  1. sine, square, triangle, sawtooth, pulse, noise
  2. monocycle waveforms
  3. Multi-sampled WAV/AIFF samples identified in SFZ files
  4. wave oscillators
  5. Contains many wavetables
    You can import your own wavetables by dragging and dropping
  • Additive and vector oscillators

An “extra” oscillator is 8 “primary” oscillators that work together. Each “basic” oscillator has its own algorithm parameter, phase/pulse width, frequency, wave type, and its own algorithm parameters.

The “vector” oscillator consists of 4 “basic” oscillators, mixed in different proportions. The proportions of the mixture are determined by two orthogonal parameters in two dimensions: “X index” and “Y index”.

  • semi-modular architecture

For each SynthMaster instance, there are two layers followed by two global influencers that send buses. Modulators can adjust the frequency, phase, amplitude, or pulse width of oscillators or any other modulators of sound rate, or they can be used as ordinary oscillators.

  • Each layer has its own:

2 oscillators
4 modifiers
2 filters
4 ADSR envelopes
2 multistage envelopes
2 LFOs
4 keys
Huge mod engineering

SynthMaster VST contains hundreds of modding targets and 48 modding sources including ADSR Envelopes, 2D Envelopes, Multistage Envelopes, LFOs, KeyScalers, Easy Parameters, Vocoder Bands, MIDI Velocity, Aftertouch, Pitch Bend, and MIDI CC. The modulation matrix, with 64 available slots, also has visual filtering so that specific sources or sources targets for a specific target can be filtered and displayed on the user interface.

  • ADSR . Envelopes
  • 2D Envelopes
  • Multistage Envelopes
  • LFOs
  • KeyScalers
  • Vocoder difference
  • MIDI speed
  • aftertouch
  • Pitch Bend and MIDI CC
  • filters

Lag-Free Comment Filters: All four new filter classes in SynthMaster are developed using lag-free feedback filtering technology. Using advanced filter parameters like input gain, drive, and acid, you can get that “analog” sound out of the filters!

  • analog filters

The “analog” filters are modeled after the popular ladder filter, so they self-oscillate when the filter’s resonance reaches maximum. They have a constantly changing slope, which is unique to SynthMaster. They have 3 different CPU settings: “Basic”, “Normal” and “High”. The basic setup looks similar to other algorithms in most cases and consumes at least 50% less CPU.

Multi-mode filters

With the new multi-mode filter type, it is possible to switch from Lowpass to Bandpass to Highpass filter types continuously. For multi-mode analog filters, it is also possible to continuously change the inclination of the filter from 0 dB/oct to 24 dB/Oct.

  • Dual filters

With the new “dual” filter type, two multi-mode filters can be run simultaneously, either in parallel or in series. The blending ratios of the filters and the (parallel/serial) topology between them can be changed continuously, as well as the modes and cutoff frequencies of the filters.

  • comb filters

Comb filters are digital filters used in the synthesis of physical modeling.

  • Effects

Rich set of effects: SynthMaster features 11 different effects types: Distortion, LoFi, Ensemble, Phaser, 6 Band EQ, Compressor, Vocoder, Delay, Chorus, Tremolo, and Reverb.

  • 11 kinds of effects

Distortion, LoFi, Band, Phaser, 6-band EQ, Compressor, Vocoder, Delay, Chorus, Tremolo, Reverb.

  • Flexible Effects Direction

Each of the 11 effects types can be inserted into any insert layer or either of the two universal effect vector inserts.

  • Before / inside / after filter distortion

Phase distortion can be introduced before, after, or even inside the filters.

What’s New?

  • The new white skin for Satyatunes comes in sizes ranging from 80% to 200%.
  • 200 additional factory presets in all have been added to the collection.
  • Scales from 5 tones equal tempered to 12 tones with alternate tuning are now available in the collection.
  • There are now three additional envelopes: October, Profit, and Digital.
  • The presets they produce can be enhanced with unique attributes or styles.
  • A software flaw prevented locking synth portions from functioning properly.
  • The “MIDI Banks and Initiatives” panel allows for the editing of MIDI Bank/Program assignments.

Creativity Unleashed:

Limitless Sound Sculpting Possibilities

kv331 SynthMaster’s versatility empowers musicians to explore uncharted territories of sound design. The combination of its sound sources, modulation options, and filters enables users to create sounds that are uniquely theirs.

 Inspiring Arpeggiator and Step Sequencer

  • For those seeking rhythmic inspiration, kv331 SynthMaster’s arpeggiator and step sequencer are indispensable tools. Users can create captivating patterns and sequences that breathe life into their compositions.

Integration and Compatibility:

Standalone and Plugin Versions

  • kv331 SynthMaster is available as a standalone application as well as a plugin for popular digital audio workstations (DAWs). This flexibility allows musicians to use the synthesizer in their preferred workflow, making it a valuable addition to any music production setup.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

  • The synthesizer is designed to be compatible with both Windows and macOS, ensuring that users can harness its power regardless of their operating system.

System Requirements:

SynthMaster Player comes in the following formats:

VST Instrument & Effect

  • Windows 7 and above
  • Mac OS X 10.6 and above
  • 2 GB RAM, 2 GHz CPU
  • VST Host supporting VST 2.9 plugins

AU Instrument & Effect

  • Mac OS X 10.6 and above
  • 2 GB RAM, 2 GHz CPU
  • AU Host application

RTAS Instrument

  • Windows 7 and above
  • Mac OS X 10.6 and above
  • 2 GB RAM, 2 GHz CPU
  • ProTools 9 / ProTools 10

AAX Instrument

  • Windows 7 and above
  • Mac OS X 10.6 and above
  • 2 GB RAM, 2 GHz CPU
  • ProTools 10.3.6 and above
  • ProTools 11 and above

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1. Can I use kv331 SynthMaster for live performances?

Absolutely! kv331 SynthMaster’s stability and low CPU usage make it suitable for live performances, allowing you to bring your unique sounds to the stage.

2. Are software updates included with the purchase of kv331 SynthMaster?

Yes, kv331 Audio regularly provides updates to enhance the synthesizer’s performance and add new features, ensuring that you stay up-to-date with the latest advancements.

3. Can I create my own wavetables in kv331 SynthMaster?

Yes, the synthesizer allows you to import and create custom wavetables, enabling you to design sounds that are truly one-of-a-kind.

4. Does kv331 SynthMaster support MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression)?

Yes, the synthesizer is compatible with MPE controllers, offering a more expressive and dynamic playing experience.

5. Is kv331 SynthMaster suitable for beginners in music production?

Absolutely! While it offers advanced features for experienced users, the extensive preset library and user-friendly interface make it accessible and enjoyable for beginners as well.


In conclusion, kv331 SynthMaster is a treasure trove of sonic possibilities for music producers and composers. Its rich sound library, advanced sound design capabilities, and user-friendly interface make it a top choice for those looking to elevate their musical creations. With kv331 SynthMaster in your arsenal, you can unlock new dimensions of creativity and embark on a journey of musical exploration.

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