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LUXONIX Purity Crack 1.3.88 (Win & Mac) Vst 2024 Free (100% Working)


LUXONIX Purity 1.3.88 Full Crack is the next generation of digital musical instrument workstations and PCM sound module software. PURITY is designed to realize and surpass the hardware musical instrument workstation perfectly in computer-based music production environments offering higher sound quality and more usability.

LUXONIX Purity Free is a software synthesizer plugin for use in digital audio workstations (DAWs). It is designed to enable users to create and manipulate electronic and acoustic sounds and can be used to create music in a variety of genres, including electronic dance music (EDM), hip-hop, and pop.

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In use:

  • With all of that stuff to cram in, it’s a good job that Purity is a doddle to navigate around.
  • The 16 parts (for a 16-part MIDI multitimbral setup or combination play) run down the left and show the presets that you’ve dialed up.
  • The big space in the middle can be dedicated to a mixer (with effects), a preset list, a pattern sequencer, an edit screen (for more synth options), or a setup screen for global edits.
  • All of these are accessed using the switches to the right of the screen and there’s even a panic button to the left of it.
  • However, Purity’s so simple that we don’t think you’ll have much cause to use this (unless you’re a particularly nervous type).
  • In fact, simplicity is where Purity really scores. There are better-sounding plug-ins out there, but not for this money and not with the low load that this synth imposes.
  • Add to this its brilliant architecture, a bonus sequencer (should you want to use it standalone), 24 insert effects, and more synthesis features than many other ROMpler-type sound generators and Purity becomes a product that we can wholeheartedly recommend to musicians of every persuasion.

16-part multi-instrument with GM Support

  • – channel link function allows to a layer of sound patches
  • – key/velocity range for splitting sound zone
  • – General MIDI normal/rhythm sound and control support
  • – 2 modes well-designed for each channel purpose – Melody/Drum

Integrated Mixer

  • – real-time audio level meters
  • – priority mode for arranging patches
  • – 2 stereo output buses – main/sub
  • – 2 stereo send-return effect buses – chorus/reverb
  • – channel copy/paste/swap function
  • – up to 1024-voice global polyphony (64 per channel)

Integrated Pattern Sequencer

  • – innovative structure for melody and drum
  • – up to 64 steps with 5 lanes
  • – rate time option with triplet
  • – swing option to vary time rate
  • – latch function for background pat


Purity´s easy to use and features loads of sounds. If you want to get music done quickly, this is one of the very best solutions out there.


  • Loads of great sounds Very efficient Incredibly easy to use Good synth sections.


  • The arrangements area is a bit redundant A few sounds don’t hit the mark.

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